Company Profile

Committed to excellence.  

Founded in 2006 in London, Ontario, Nexpharma is a privately owned private label contract manufacturer as well as an importer and distributor of bulk raw materials. We proudly provide many products and services to the nutraceutical industry. From quality, internationally sourced raw materials to formulation to custom packaging, we do it right the first time.  


Communicate.  Collaborate.  Deliver.

With years of expertise, our clients can expect outstanding service. We take the time to understand the needs and goals of our customers. We bring together our passion with our client’s vision to their success. We become part of their value chain.   Nexpharma doesn't simply offer product, we offer solutions that ensure success.


Continuous Improvement: Continuous Learning

At Nexpharma, success means doing it right the first time and that takes a commitment to continuous improvement and continuous learning.  Through this commitment we have become a leader in customer service, providing our clients with the resources that fit their business and the responsiveness that fit their needs.  To put it simply, Nexpharma is the next generation in nutraceuticals.