Quality Control

Shelf life is a fact of life in the nutraceutical industry.  Nexpharma ensures quality with their own in-house and out-source programs so that our customers can depend that we are manufacturing the best possible product.

Tablet Hardness Testing

YD-3 Tablet Hardness Tester

Too 'soft' tablets can break apart in transport and too 'hard' tablets can damage teeth so testing for hardness is a must, however, testing for hardness is just one measure of tablet strength. 

Nexpharma employs the reliable and highly accurate YD-3 Tablet Hardness Tester which applies mechanical force until the table breaks, measuring the compressive strength of the table.  The resulting data provides Nexpharma quantitative insight into the quality of their tablets.

Friability Testing

CS-3 Tablet Friability Tester

Despite best industry packing practices, friction between tablets is the most common causes for chipping and cracking.  The friability test is closely related to tablet hardness and is the second component which determines overall tablet strength.    

The CS-3 Tablet Friability Tester places tablets into drums that rotate so that they abrade against each other.  Afterward, the weight measurement is taken and compared against industry standards.  This test, like tablet hardness, provides insight into how well the tablets withstand transportation which is critical for the high quality control standards Nexpharma employs.

Tablet Disintegration

 BJ-1 Disintegration Tester

 After oral administration, for tablets to be effective they must break up in a solution of liquids.  This disintegration is tested as a measure of the time required for tablets to break down into small particles.  Nexpharma uses the BJ-1 Disintegration Tester as just one more method in its in-house quality testing array.