To be the best, Nexpharma utilizes the best equipment.

Packaging Line

Cremer CF 1220 Electronic Pharmaceutical Counting Machine

Cremer has over 50 years of industry experience, customizable solutions, and clients such as Bayer, Pfizer, and Glaxo.  The Cremer CF 1220 is a high-speed tablet and capsule counting machine that is renowned worldwide for its 100% accuracy.  The CF 1220's high reliability and durability ensures production demands and deadlines are not only met, but exceeded.

NJM/CLI Model 150 UniCap Capper

NJM/CLI is a respected and dedicated leader in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and vitamin packaging industry since 1915.  Its Model 150 was purchased for its production flexibility for quick and easy changeovers gives Nexpharma the capability of meeting the various needs of their customers.  Secondly, the Model 150's heavy duty construction enables Nexpharma to produce large orders with almost zero down time.

NJM/CLI Model 120 MiniColt Labeler

Like all of Nexpharma's equipment the MiniColt Labeler has superior reliability.  It creates professional wrap-around labels that sets Nexpharma's customer's product apart from their competitors.

Enercon Super Seal Cap Sealer

Enercon is the world's leading manufacturer of induction sealing systems whose mission is to help customers achieve a perfect seal.  Their seals stop leaks, enhance shelf life, provide tamper evidence and preserve freshness.  Enercon is committed to delivering the most technologically advanced solutions and Nexpharma passes this expertise onto their customers.

Videojet 1510 Small Character Continuous Ink Jet Printer

Videojet products provide uptime peace of mind.  This printer is the first in a new line that sets a higher standard in marking and coding performance.  Simpler operation, less maintenance, and superior print quality allows Nexpharma the ability to provide the best product possible for their customers.


Ross Ribbon Blender Mixer 42N-018S

Compared to belt-driven blenders, direct drive ribbon blenders offer better operation efficiency and performance.  Nexpharma choose Ross as their ribbon blender supplier since they are known for their world class reputation and innovative engineering which has allowed them to be a leading supplier for dry blending.


B-2 Stokes Tablet Press

When it comes to making tablets, Nexpharma uses one of the most reliable machines in the industry.  The B-2 Stokes Table Press is known as a workhorse and its steady performance allows Nexpharma's customer's the peace of mind great machinery with a proven track record provides.

Kramer E2000 Deduster

Kramer is the leading specialist in the field of dedusting applications.  The E2000 is truly Swiss made by highly trained Kramer employees.  Nexpharma appreciates the quality and reliability of their Kramer deduster.  It offers superior performance so Nexpharma can offer their customers superior product.  Kramer's excellent performance also contributes to low costs over the whole product life cycle.  Savings Nexpharma can pass onto their customers.

Mettler Toledo Safeline Metal Detection

Mettler Toledo is a global market leader of precision instruments.  Safeline Metal detectors offer the maximum in sensitivity with the minimum of false rejects.  Nexpharma utilizes Safeline to help their customer comply with HACCP, FDA, GMP, BRC, and IFS regulations.


Capsugel Ultra 8 II Capsule Filler

Capsugel provides innovative dosage solutions for the healthcare industry.  Nexpharma choose the Ultra 8 II for its high processing speeds which range up to 33,000 capsules per hour.  Nexpharma's clients benefit for this machine is designed to streamline the production process and facilitate speed to market.